Watch UFC UFC Connected: Urijah Faber, Michelle Waterson, Mark O. Madsen, Makhmud Muradov

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In this episode Urijah Faber relives his successful return to the Octagon after nearly 3 years away in My Moment. In Debut Day we look back at the night Olympic …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Connected: Urijah Faber, Michelle Waterson, Mark O. Madsen, Makhmud Muradov and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:22:26, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. This marko madsin was fed a can and still looked like trash idk how far his wrestling will get him, look where it go askren.

  2. When Floyd “Money” Mayweather calls a fighter the best mixed martial artist on the planet the WHOLE WORLD takes notice….
    Ah no they don’t, at all. He’s a boxer and has absolutely no idea about anything whatsoever to do with MMA.
    What a silly b**ch. Get a host who’s there because of MMA not because they look great. Boo

  3. Question for politicians:
    Why is the American government risking it's integrity by taking sides in the political process in Guyana? Is this related the to the lobbyists Mercury Public Affairs?

  4. Whould be awesome to see khabib vs mark o madsen, total wrestling fight maybe, BUT who is the best at that of thoose 2?? If it was just wrestling Mark should have the lead because of hees 5 OL medals in wrestling, but in MMA UFC, there i believe khabib is the best, but still wanna see that fight! because i believe mark is stronger, he beated 2 world records and allmost 3, when he got testet for the UFC! he got the highest muscelmass of all out of his weigth (class) thats soo crazy! <3 mark o madsen, THE VIKING FROM DENMARK! xD

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