Paige Vanzant Personal Update Can I drown my husband?? …

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Sporati @ Paige Vanzant’s Social Media update

Can I drown my husband?? @austinv170mma


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Vanzant’s social media post titled Can I drown my husband?? … is credited to Paige VanZant on instagram account paigevanzant and currently has 3685 likes as of posting.

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  1. Hey! Id hate to be a bother but Im a 15 year old producer and it would really mean a lot to me if you could listen to my beats and give me some feedback! Thanks so much! <3

  2. Only people who actually do the shit out of anger in real life get upset about this. Yall are like so cute I wanna barf. It’s cool to see when two ppl really 2gether

  3. Well. I guess you didnt want it bad enough. Because im stronger than my wife (assuming) but the murdurer in her would pop if the oppertunity accured and im not taking any chances ?

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