WWE Team Update “Yeah, that kid’s gonna suck.” …

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“Yeah, that kid’s gonna suck.” ??#WWERaw @qosbaszler @beckylynchwwe


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  1. You are not making sense,,,@qosbaszler Have u ever got pregnant be4?? if ur ans is No then sorry u can’t understand what motherhood is all about,,,atleast she’s star and a mother to be,,what about u, A rat busy chasing groundnut all over the house just to feed herself,, @beckylynchwwe can survive with or without “Wwe” .The question is can u survive without Wwe? I’ll advice u to stop envying the grace u cannot get in 6years in her life,,,She’s a champ nd thats not gonna change,,,Try and do better in ur own game nd stop criticism

  2. This is a fantastic heel promo and for all you marks who hate her because of it, she’s doing her job. That’s the idea. She wants you to hate her.

  3. Give me 2 colt 45 and 2 zigzags and I bet you I’d have my “kids” doin the Macarena in those guts.. lmao ? here kitty kitty… needs to stop running them gums keep in mind her boss Stephanie has kids too… way to insult every mother in the industry…

  4. I don’t care if this is part of a story line. I can’t stand her! Becky is probably one of my favorite wrestlers.

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