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Following Tyler Herro’s #NBAPlayoffs career-high 37 PTS last night, relive his BEST moments from the 2019-20 season to this point?? Drop your favorite …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Of Tyler Herro | 2019-20 NBA Season and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:10:38, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Tyler will be amongst scoring leader in a few years
    Tyler will be a superstar
    Tyler will be getting maxed cap next year
    Tyler will be a hall of famer
    Tyler will stay in Miami
    Tyler will break Klay's 3 pt record
    Tyler will never miss a playoff in his career
    Tyler will have his own signature shoes

  2. Now you’re marketing huh? LOL
    You should’ve recognize his potential before. The guy’s been averaging 14pts a game in regular season. So why the hype’s late? For marketing purposes only NBA? Really? You suck.

  3. My favorite player to watch & my favorite team to watch (I'm a Knicks fan lol) but I been riding the Heat bandwagon all year cause their team chemistry is just absolutely beautiful to watch . And their story is even better… a bunch of underrated players, rookies, and a old vet or 2 building 100% team chemistry. I got a Herro jersey on the way already with that Teal/Pink colorway… too fire ???

  4. UK players are just like that. Nd thats facts ?. This bubble have proven what us UK fabs have known for 11 years now. John calipari and his system at UK, is the best developer of NBA talent college has ever seen. Coach K and duke are overrated af. its literally where top tier recruits go to boost old rat faces win record, waste a year of there career and go onto be eaten alive in the league under prepared and then be forgotten about.! What kid in there right mind would choose to go play for K over kentucky and john calipari???? Only the ones that want a quick bag of cash and a mansion for a year (zion) cough cough….. . Cause it sure in the fuck aint to develop there game. lmfao. How many of duke and K's #1 recruiting classes that are always rated above john caliparis somehow ?. Go on to produce a nba superstar ??? Maybe 2…….zion and tatum. And thats literally it. Lol john calipari has 4 star recruits that are doing better then dukes "superstar recruits" ever will.! Cant wait till that snake in the grass K retires, so the recruiting field can be evened once again. Like it was 2015 and before. Cause the ncaa allows that fuck to buy recruits. And its so obvious.!!! Go BBN

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