Watch WWE The Undertaker on his WrestleMania match against John Cena: Undertaker: The Last Ride sneak peek

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The Undertaker discusses how he felt physically during his WrestleMania 34 showdown with John Cena in this excerpt from Undertaker: The Last Ride, …

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This WWE’s video is titled The Undertaker on his WrestleMania match against John Cena: Undertaker: The Last Ride sneak peek and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:04:41, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Taker's Mania match against Cena is probably the best I've seen him look appearance-wise and performance-wise. It doesn't seem real that in just a couple short weeks from now, we'll truly be seeing the dead man for the very last time. Thirty years is a long time to do what The Undertaker has done in WWE, and if I may say so, he did it better than ANYONE else in the entire company. There will never be another Undertaker ladies and gentlemen, and I am both proud, and humbled that I got to be a part of his legendary career as a wrestling fan.

  2. I’m glad the match happened and everything but it should have been longer. Especially considering he was in better shape then he was in the previous year. They need a rematch

  3. John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar
    Undertaker defeated John Cena,
    Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker

    Undertaker defeated Goldberg,
    Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar,
    Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker

  4. When Undertaker comes to the ring the crowds actually sound like they used to in the 90s and 2000s, genuine NOISE. No trolling chants or BS like "What?", they put their phones down and can't stay in their seats.

  5. From Hulk Hogan Era to Attitude Era to Ruthless Aggression Era to PG Era until the New Era. In my opinion he is one the greatest of all time and I hope he, The Fiend, Aleistar Black and Karrion Kross will have a segment or promo in the same ring.

  6. i understand why the match was so short but it was still good, i know he wasn't feeling good back than but man it would've been amazing if the match between him and John was like 15-20 minutes, the match between Taker and AJ Styles this year was 19 minutes

  7. Undertaker is just the goat, forget titles , forget trophy’s . This man wrestled for 30 years . He has the longest undefeated streak at wrestlemania . And he not only entertained but inspired multiple generations of millions of people . He is the greatest wrestler of all time and no one can change my mind

  8. My God, edited like this seems like an awesome moment but it was actually dissapointing, If the streak really had to end, Cena should have been the one 'bout 5 years ago (wrestlemania 31 for example) felt like they simply could not let the undertaker let go, and now giving those squach matches makes me a little mad, anyway, best wishes of retirement for him and hope to see him soon at the Hall of fame.

  9. My whole Life i May never be able to see you Live Taker but my god were you my favorite wrestler when i was able to comprehend what i was watching when i was a kid thank you Taker for all the years of entertainment you are my dad's and my favorite wrestler May never get to see you live in person but Damn am i Grateful i got to watch you on tv all these Years To this day we still have your comics back in the day Long Live The Undertaker

  10. It's a long time coming
    Never judge a dead man walking
    It goes goes and comes around
    You'd have to pick a perfect ground
    Though you know in life there's none

    They try and try to put you down
    They fail and further think of how
    They can put a man like you down

    It's a long time coming
    Oh you'd have to give in to all
    Sometimes will be stunning
    And in some you'll just have to roll

    It's a long time coming
    Never judge a dead man walking

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