Obviously a tough night for the home team. That team over there is elite and they are just a very, very potent team. I said that when we played them the first time at their place. They have a lot of multiple skilled players, in my mind three MVP candidates or guys who have been mentioned as MVP candidates. They always have one of them on the floor and they do a great job of spreading you around. I don’t think that our offense put enough pressure on them by scoring. We got 50 shots in the paint and that’s a really good night for us. I thought we missed a lot of shots and they were able to play free and loose playing from the lead for most of the game. It was a tough game for us. I thought there was a high level of energy in the first half. I though we got certainly frustrated in the third quarter and kind of doing it individually instead of collectively, and that’s where a couple of turnovers came in and gave them a couple of quick shots. But I liked that the second group kept fighting there at the end. They are a good team.

— David Joerger, Cavaliers vs Memphis

A lot of things (went wrong) – missed opportunities at the basket. I thought the coverages, whatever the case may be, they were able to pick us apart. When they went to the 1-5 pick and roll, the guys were making perimeter threes; obviously they made 14 threes. Once they start making those threes outside then you can pick your poison, coming of that pick and roll you can decide if you want to hit the roller or throw it back out to the perimeter for three. Once they got comfortable doing that, the game was in their possession.

— Tony Allen, Cavaliers vs Memphis

We haven’t had one of them in a long time. They played good – they’re a good team. We didn’t play good, including myself. We didn’t get defensive stops and hit shots. They hit 14 threes, we hit four. They got shots in the paint – it’s a game. They were moving the ball, hitting shots. It makes you have a sickness in your stomach because you know that you are better than that. It’s the NBA, so it’s a good thing because you always have a game the next day. You have to prepare – it’s tough.

— Zach Randolph, Cavaliers vs Memphis