I plan on getting to the free throw line a lot more. Drawing a lot of fouls, being more aggressive going to the basket. That’s why I was in the weight room.

— Brandon Jennings

Last time, it was hard to quantify if the defenses had an edge or just offensively coming out of a lockout the players were so rusty. I don’t know, but in theory that could be a strength of ours early on. We know what we have to do. We have to be a top 5 defensive team and we have to score more points.

— Scott Skiles

One thing Brandon has proven he’s good at, in that type of lineup, is that if he doesn’t have the ball in his hand, Brandon’s best shot is his spot-up three. You have to have somebody who has the ball in his hands able to make that play to Brandon. Both of those guys are penetrating type players that’ll kick the ball out.

— Scott Skiles