Well, we need to go back in, as a staff, and do another self-scout. We do it weekly, but you go back and go through the whole thing again. Then, you start preparation for Denver. We have a practice next Monday before the day off on Tuesday, so we have to make sure we prep for that. Those are the three primary categories. Today we’ll have the players in a little and get them out of here. After today, we have some business things to take care of. We’ll go through the tape and look at it, and we’ll get them out.

–Andy Reid

I think every guy in this locker room in the back of their head this whole week will be thinking about Denver. It’s a big game ahead of us, but at the same time (we need a) little time. As much as you can, you use to get away a bit to come back fresh and ready to roll.

— Alex Smith

We’ve had nine games, it just seems like it’s coming at a really nice time. Hopefully we’ll be 100% ready to go when we play Denver coming up in two weeks, and we’re excited about it.

— Ryan Succop