On Adrian Peterson’s greatness:

I’ve had three ACL (tears) in my life. To come back the way that he did, literally like nothing happened, and to be better than the year before, I don’t understand it.

-– Texans TE Owen Daniels

Mine happened first and thin his happened. I’m like, ‘man, I wish I could do that.

-– Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles, he also tore his ACL in 2012

I don’t think he’s human. I think he’s a robot.

–Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy

I say if there is a human superhero, it’s Adrian Peterson.

— Eagles TE Brett Celek

The man’s Wolverine.

— Bills RB C.J. Spiller

He’s like playing Madden. You’re hitting the L1 on your joystick and he’s spinning.

-– Ex-Cowboys G Derrick Dockery

You can see as I ran through the tunnel, that energy you see as i was running, that came from the fans. It felt good to be back home.

— Adrian Peterson

We all love him and a lot of guys try to follow his lead

— Harrison Smith on Chad Greenway