Exercise Routine

The Cardio Routine of Crystal Dunn Top USA Soccer Defender

in FIFA World Cup

USA Women’s National Soccer team forward/defender Crystal Dunn 19, is doing a fantastic job in World Cup 2019. She is very known with her speed, stamina, balance and great footwork.

Photo from Instagram

With all the matches that the US team had been to this World Cup, Dunn has been playing 90 minutes plus extra time each game. Imagine her cardio from running, sprinting and playing the ball.

To gain that level of cardio or at least close to it, you have to love running like she does.

Try these routines;

Walk – Run – Sprint – Repeat for several times

These interval workout is perfect for beginners.

Cardio will help your exercise routines works better and build your leg muscles.

Definitely Crystal Dunn cardio paid off, especially now that they are in the finals of the FIFA Women Worlds Cup 2019.

Goodluck Dunn on your first World Cup!

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