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Kobe Bryant Will Break Tears on his Last Game even when He says Routine

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On April 13 at the Staples Center against the Utah Jazz will the last game of Kobe Bryant after 20 years in the league.

Counting the number of games left the fans are getting emotional and would like to know what Kobe thinks; however, he seems to stay cool so as not to get affected:

Bryant said on Wednesday night — “I try not to do it too much, and just make yourself emotional.”

Bryant adds: “Just showing up and playing. Showing up and playing and hoping my body feels pretty damn good and I can get up and down the floor and run freely and play this game at the highest level of competition one more time.”

Bryant insists the last game wouldn’t be any different as he is going to do the same routine he has been doing for the past 20 years

“I won’t allow it to be any different,” said Bryant, 37, who is retiring after 20 NBA seasons. “One more time and go through same routine. Same group of people. One more time.”

Is this the ending that Kobe hoped and envisioned?

“Yeah, win a championship,” he said, “[but] that s— ain’t happening, so there you go. That’s done. The dream’s done. Dream’s done. For me, it’s coming out and playing in front of the fans and competing hard and playing against Utah, and them not taking it easy at all. They beat us by like 40 the last few times we played them. So I expect them to come and try to do the same thing.”

“To me, that is the greatest form of competition. That’s best last game you can have — a very competitive one, a physical one. That’s the way basketball should be. In terms of the end, I don’t know, man. I really don’t think about that that much; I just like the game itself.”

It is most likely that Kobe Bryant would break tears once the crowd stands up and chants his name, I am sure even their opponent will be there celebrating and paying respects for Kobe.

“When the time comes, you never know,” Bryant said. “[I] might be sitting here with tears flowing out of my eyes. I doubt it, but it could happen. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

During the second to the last game of the Lakers in their building, the crowd gave Kobe a standing ovation:

“This is the next-to-last game ever in this building. It’s pretty crazy,” Bryant chimed, “So I certainly can feel it. As soon as you run out at the start of the game, I could feel it.”

As Bryant adds: “I can feel it, and it feels pretty damn awesome. Going through the years of losing and not leaving [the Lakers] makes it all worthwhile standing here and taking the good with the bad and the fans embracing that and understanding that we ride together. That’s a love that you can’t break.”

Villanova Ends 31-year drought to become NCAA 2016 Champions


Villanova Wildcats ended a 31 year title drought by making the first 3 point buzzer winning shot in an NCAA National Basketball Championship game when Kris Jenkins received a trailing pass from Wildcats senior Ryan Arcidiacono to end the game 77-74.

The victory spoiled Carolina’s bid for a 6th title and could have been number 3 for Coach Roy Williams of the North Carolina Tarheels which would have allowed him to surpass his mention North Carolina Dean Smith.

Arcidiacono showed great unselfish play as he could have opted to drive the ball and take all the glory in.

Villanova Wildcats run by star point guard Arcidiacono had three plays that they are known for:

1. Ryan drives to the basket
2. Ryan kicks off to the wings
3. Pass off a trailing Kris Jenkins

These three play options were run by the Wildcats throughout the season and Ryan had full confidence on a smaller percentage shot from beyond the arc.

Arcidiacono notes — “We knew what play we were going to, We work on it every single day”.

Kris Jenkins has praise for their point guard — “For him to be so unselfish and give up the ball, it just shows what type of teammate he is”

The game was beautifully played with both teams hustling and coming back everytime the other was pulling away. With time remainig of 1 minute and 34 seconds and Villanova leading 70-64, Paige sinks a 3 point shot from the corner closing the gap by 3 – 70-67. With Arcidiacono giving up the ball from a half-court trap, Johnson sinks a bank shot from the inside to the score of 70-60.

Both teams fought hard, trading points and had the score tied at 74 all with an off-balance shot from Paige with 4.7 seconds remaining. With the Wildcats making an inbounds pass from the backcourt it was very likely that the game will go into overtime until Jenkins hit the game winning shot at the buzzer.

Too Cold to Handle as the Red Sox-Indians Opening Game Postponed

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The Cleveland Indians postponed their season opener as the temperature went down to 30s and kept dropping and will resume today April 5, a day later. The announcement didn’t come any sooner as fans were already outside the stadium freezing and all ready to watch the game.

Cleveland Indians could have made the decision a lot earlier to spare the freezing fans outside the stadium waiting to get in and the season opener.

David Price who signed as a free agent in December for the Boston Red Sox to a whopping $217 million dollars will have to wait another day to show what he is worth.

The first pitch is scheduled for 1:10pm on April 5, Tuesday and hopefully the forecast for partly cloudy skies will not delay or postpone the game anymore.

According to the clubs’ official announcement — “Today’s game was postponed due to the forecast changing from no precipitation to having precipitation most of the afternoon and into early evening. That steady precipitation forecast combined with wind chills dropping into the teens, it was decided by both teams and umpires for fan comfort and player safety to postpone the game. Tomorrow’s forecast will continue to be cold, but no anticipated precipitation.”

It is the second time that the Indians postponed their season opener in the last 9 years when a snowstorm stopped a four-game series against Seattle in 2007.

Does Conor McGregor weight gain caused his downfall against Nate Diaz at UFC 196

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Loyal fans and analysts try to find a reason for the loss of Conor McGregor at UFC 196 against Diaz. For these fans and loyal followers they need to believe the UFC superstar is still undestructable and the weight gain and decision to move up the weight division was a big mistake.

It doesn’t matter what they say as the fight clearly showed Conor was faster delivering more accurate blows that turned Diaz face into a big smashed tomato with blood all over him.

John Connor, McGregor’s strength and conditioning coach also doesn’t think the weight had any factor, the “Notorious” loss had little to nothing to do with his weight, and that McGregor weighed pretty much what he always does.

Connor also added “Conor fought at the weight that he walks around at – always,” — (transcribed by Seamus Raferty of PunditArena.com).

Tom Brady Extends Contract until 2019 as New England Patriots QB

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Tom Brady is set to complete 20 years with the New England Patriots as a verbal agreement has been reached for him to sign a 2-year contract extension with the team. He is under contract until 2017, with the extension he will remain a Patriot throughout the 2019 season at the age of 42.

Tom will be receiving less than the $9 & $10 million dollar contract in 2016 and 2017 respectively as the team cap space after that is $13 million dollars and a few players are expected to be re-signed — linebackers Jamie Collins, Dont’a Hightower, defensive end Chandler Jones and cornerback Malcolm Butler.

Tom Brady will eventually join Jason Hansen, Darrell Green and Matthew Slater as the only players in NFL history to spend 20 years in a single team.

It is going to be hard to imagine Brady in another uniform nor the New England Patriots without Brady.

The extension would give them 3 more years to develop 2014 second-round draft pick Jimmy Garoppolo.

Mark Jackson Tactics used Ezeli against Team

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Mark Jackson coaching style during his time with the Warriors is borderline unethical and definitely cheap. He should have focused on the X and O of the game supplemented with good motivational speeches to boost the team. However he opted for a more unconventional warrior like approach rallying his team and treating everyone their enemies. That would be fine except that he also used the rest of the warriors organization as an opponent.

In a recent article from Zach Lowe at Grantland.

“When Ezeli was injured last season, Jackson and his staff told the healthy players that Ezeli was cheering against them — so that he would look good, according to several team sources. Players confronted Ezeli in a meeting, and he wept at the accusation — which he denied.

Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob also gave short statement as to why Mark Jackson was let go despite of leading the team to a 51-win season:

“Part of it was that he couldn’t get along with anybody else in the organization,” Lacob said. “And look, he did a great job, and I’ll always compliment him in many respects, but you can’t have 200 people in the organization not like you.”

Mark Jackson have since become an analyst on ESPN and while he has shown more success that most can say, NBA team would think twice about hiring him on his inability to work within an organization.

articles referenced: Warriors owner says Mark Jackson “couldn’t get along with anybody else in the organization”, The Champs Are Here: A Guide to the Elite and Unlikely Cast of Characters Who Defined the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors

Manny Pacquiao Last Day Training at Wild Card Boxing

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Manny Pacquiao trains for the last time at the Wild Card Boxing as he is heading to Vegas in preparation for the May 2 fight of the century against Floyd Mayweather.

As Freddie Roach says — “Manny will spar on Monday for the last time and after that we’ll break camp and everyone will go to their cars and trucks,”. “The entourage used to be about 100 cars, I’d say there might be 1,000 cars this time.”

The Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight have been gigantic from ticket prices ranging from $5,245 to as much as $106,950 for ringside seats.

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