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Beautiful Women of Rio Olympics 2016 in High Jump Action

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These women not only perform excellently in Rio Olympics but also have shown their beauty and hot figures.

Video of Rio 2016 Beautiful High Jump Women below:

Unfortunate Events in Rio Olympics 2016

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Rio Olympic Athletes are the best in the world but nobody is perfect even if you trained well for years, they are still prone to mistakes and some unfortunately with accidents.

Video of Rio 2016 Fail Compilation below:

Yacht Accommodation for Team USA Basketball during Rio Olympics

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Team USA Basketball stays in a fancy private yacht for security and undeniably comfortable experience while on Rio Olympics. Here are some photos taken during their training break enjoying inside the said yacht.

Video of Rio 2016 Team USA Basketball below:

Usain Bolt of Jamaica Breaking World Records in RIO 2016

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Usain Bolt as fast as ever get victory and even breaking World records in Rio Olympics 2016.

Video of Rio 2016 Usain Bolt race below:

Amazing Moments of the Hottest Divers Ready for Olympics

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They are the Brazilian representatives for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Look at their trainings and hot diving skills.

Video of Rio 2016 Amazing Moments of the Hottest Divers below:

Brazil Judo Champ Won Gold in Rio 2016

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Rafaela Silva won gold in Judo during the Rio Olympics held on her own country. Surely, people there are so proud of her.

Video of Rio 2016 Brazil Judo Champ Won Gold below:

Team USA Won Gold in Swimming Freestyle Relay Lead by Phelps

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Team USA once again won a gold medal, this time in  4×100 Men Swimming Freestyle Relay. The group was led by Michael Phelps who is one of the greatest Olympian of this century.

Video of Rio 2016 Swimming Relay Competition below:

Team USA First Goal in Rio 2016 Olympics

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Team USA started the soccer tournament with a goal. Carli Lloyd two-time Olympic gold medalist aim for the goal heading USA versus New Zealand.

Video of Rio 2016 Olympian Carli Lloyd below:

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