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On Episode 2 of UFC 190 Embedded, light heavyweight legend Shogun Rua trains with lifelong mentor Rafael Cordeiro. Heavyweight Stefan Struve trades the …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 190 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:07:38, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Ronda is like manny pacqiao. When shes not figthing she always smile to everyone.. she talks like shes not even a figther. But when shes comming into the octagon. Her face trasnsform.into a killer beast.. and when she start to fight. The beast is unlished.

  2. 5:55 "These girls are like plants. You know. Sometimes, you can grow a crop. You can harvest it year after year. Like Miesha (Tate). Sometimes, you harvest it once, and it will never grow back. I don't think. Bethe will come back after this."

  3. I freaking love Ronda, man. Even still. No one else has her thoughtfulness, depth, charisma, sincerity, showmanship and wit. She's entertaining. And femininely badass as f-ck.

  4. I’ve binged watched very embedded from the very first one up to this point, over the last couple of months. So far, I’ve learned one thing. I like and respect every single fighter in the UFC more, after watching them, except one, Rhonda Rousey. What a pompous narcissistic human she is. Every single fighter out there is like-able in their own way, and they all seem like nice people outside of the cage, except Rhonda. The last episode she jumped out of a van and purposely bumped into a guy and didn’t even flinch. I despised her attitude already, but especially now. It’s gives me even more joy knowing Holly and Amanda shut that trashy mouth up in dynamic fashion.

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