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Check out the best phantom action from the entire 2016 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals match-up between the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers!

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This NBA’s video is titled Best of Phantom: Atlanta vs Cleveland Series and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:08:16, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. The east is garbage. Lebron knows that by staying over east he can make it to the finals without doing anything. It's absolutely pathetic. He has to assemble all-star teams just to compete in a garbage conference.

  2. Instead of saying "threeeeee" when they score a 3pts the announcer should shout "sweeeeep"

  3. dirán que Lebron james es el mejor, pero los CAVS tienen un equipazo, tienen una plantilla larguísima.. si ganan la liga, será por ese equipazo, no por Lebron.

  4. That game 4 was rigged. Not saying the hawks would have won the series because they wouldn't have, but it was too obvious that the NBA was just trying to speed up the playoffs for the Cavs so they wouldn't get injured when they played the Warriors/Spurs/Thunder in the finals.

  5. i pray the heat lose so demar defrozan and kyle shitry can show the world that they are still choke artists and the cavs can sweep

  6. i love how kyrie changed his shot (His Guiding Hand) and he doesn't use his left thumb for extra power anymore

  7. Call them Champs should give them a kind of bad luck so let's just watch them get to the Finals and see how the team reacts against Golden or Spurs.If the OKC gets there we can say Cavs champs but let's wait. I'm a Knicks fan but i want the Cavs to win this year.

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