Watch UFC UFC 205: Tyron Woodley & Stephen Thompson Octagon Interview

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Watch Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson in the Octagon after Woodley retained his welterweight belt at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden.

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 205: Tyron Woodley & Stephen Thompson Octagon Interview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:07, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Just imagine if the third judge scored it for thompson….He would be the crowned the new champion and then bruce will come up with a correction sayin its a majority draw and give it back to woodley….that would be really awkward ??

  2. Lol the fans are so dumb they cheered at the draw announcement then booed after it was clear Tyron retained the title, as if they were gonna share the belt or something ???

  3. This is why I hate Joe Rogan. He feels the need to spot out Bruce Buffers imperfections. Yes Buffer made a mistake but do you really feel the need to announce that to the millions watching???? Go look at Joe Rogan mistake clips…. Go on I dare you!! There are far more
    rogan mistakes than Buffer.

  4. does nobody know how scoring works? by the second 47-47 was read, everybody should've realized that it's a majority draw, I was confused how it was split when I first watched it. only some in the audience realized it. :/
    lmao when they corrected the announcement they were doing it for formality's sake, did people booing actually expect them to take the belt away from woodley and give it to thompson? lol rogan had to say "guys it's the exact same score." fucking people are idiots.

  5. Why boo the guy after such a fight? Man Tyron gets so much shit for nothing sometimes.
    Him and Stipe were the worst treated champs I can remember. And 3 years later it's just more noticable.

  6. Tiron talking about small heads? His head is smaller than Thompson's, and it looks like the head of a child screwed on top or a roided body

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