Watch NBA Russell Westbrook's Sixth Straight Triple Double in Atlanta | 12.05.16

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Watch as Russell Westbrook drops 32 points, dishes 12 assists, and grabs 13 rebounds against the Atlanta Hawks to record his 6th straight triple double and …

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This NBA’s video is titled Russell Westbrook's Sixth Straight Triple Double in Atlanta | 12.05.16 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:57, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I would love to see what other NBA super stars could do with the exact same usage rate as Westbrook. KD would easily be averaging 40, LeBron would be averaging a triple double just without the massive turnovers and a better fg%, Curry would be making 10 threes a game. Anthony Davis would average 40/15. This nigga is so overrated. You new basketball fans are taking his triple doubles completely out of context. Once you scale his usage rate down to match other NBA superstars (less than 30%), his stats don't look all that impressive.

  2. People hatin sayin Westbrook sucks at shooting threes. He is shooting 33% which is 3% higher from last season… and is scoring 7.5 points more per game whilst still managing to average a triple double. He may be only shooting 43% FG but that's because his team isn't gonna win without him taking shots. Oladipo isn't capable of getting anywhere near the level of play Westbrook is at. Stop hating. You can't say that this guy isn't a freak and is able to plow through people like they're not even there. 6 consecutive triple doubles. Only 1 behind MJ in the 88-89 season. Hatin on Westbrook is like hating on the G.O.A.T. himself because MJ didn't have an outstanding 3pt shot either, and he was a SHOOTING guard. Those who hate just need to stop and witness the greatness that Westbrook brings to the league. When do you ever get this kind explosiveness and athleticism out of a point guard? Answer is never! Westbrook is a one time breed, and deserves all the praise he gets for being as outstanding of a player as he is. Those who disagree can go f*** off.

  3. I'm sick of people saying he's stat padding or that he has a high usage. Use common sense if you're the best on your team and don't have a team full of superstars your usage will be high bc the teams needs you to win, if curry was on the suns his usage would be high but does that make him not as good?? and as for stat padding its the same thing westbrook is going out there and doing what he has to do so his team can win if he wasn't "stat padding" they would lose bc he wouldn't be pushing out good numbers . You people call yourself nba fans yet always try to find a reason to downplay someone especially when they're good you just can't stand seeing someone being successful

  4. if all u can say about Mayweather is "he runs" and "he has no knockout power"…U'R A HATER. if all u can say about Drake is "he's soft" and "he has ghostwriters"…U'R A HATER. if all u c r Westbrook's turn overs and field goal %…U'R A HATER. so there…just thought i'd clear things up a bit and make it easier to identify the symptoms…of HATERISM.

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