Watch NBA Porzingis Elevates for the POSTER in Atlanta

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Porzingis cuts backdoor and throws down a huge dunk over Dwight Howard for the AND 1.

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This NBA’s video is titled Porzingis Elevates for the POSTER in Atlanta and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:00:35, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Howard kept telling "bullshit, bullshit in the faces of officials" after they gave him Flagrant 1, why to hell they didn't gave him Flagrant 2 for chatting shit? Did he really believed that it was regular foul? Pause at 0:21 – nowhere near the ball, slamming forearm in his face on purpose while KP elevates at highest jump point. That's not fucking regular foul, he had to be happy for getting just Flagrant 1 and shut up, as in fact there should be Flagrant 2 straight away.

  2. If LeBron got fouled like that and landed the way KP did, he'd be rolling around the court begging for sympathy calls

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