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Emotions can get the best of anyone in the WWE Universe during the heat of a WrestleMania battle. Count down the 10 most emotional moments to play out on …

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This WWE’s video is titled Emotional WrestleMania moments – WWE Top 10 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:04:55, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!


  1. Respect of brocks lesner break the streak a living legend brock ang undertaker a most respect of the 2 man z?

  2. It’s not even that i hate that they ended the streak, its that they did it in such a bad way. Brick Lesnar was not the right person for it

  3. Emotional how? Everything is scripted and the wrestlers no who is going to win before they even fight

  4. Why did Brock have to beat undertaker? He should’ve remained undefeated and go down in history as the best wrestler in WWE history but wwe always ruins it

  5. Why there is heartbreak and blissfulness for the scripted and fake fight? The comment section is full of stupid reactions??

  6. the steak ending and hbk saying “i’m sorry i love you” has to be the most most most most emotional moments in wwe history. Now that the best moments of wwe passed, wwe is dull.

  7. 10 spots, Thrice on the list…..

    Shawn "Mr. Wrestlemania" Michaels for a reason…..
    With due respect to everyone, HBK is THE GOAT

  8. That miss Elizabeth moment I remember it well. Was watching it then. And omg that Shawn micheals part at the end. I remember it too. Was so hard.

  9. honestly, nxt is more interesting than raw and smackdown. last year was hella CRAZY. everyone had new tricks and signature moves. i miss the old wrestlers from the attitude era tho, those were when everything was super interesting and unpredictable.

  10. The rock sucks. Lesnar sucks. Should have been Sting vs The Dead Man. Everyone has wanted that match for 20 years. That would have been epic. Lesnar has the heart of a 12 year old child.

  11. Me: It's weird not to watch comments about WM20 with Eddie Guerrero and Chris B…

    WWE: deleted comment

  12. Macho Man and Elizabeth was #1. Especially at the time and the 10 minutes after shown in this video

  13. The stupid reason that taker streak ended bcuz the wrestlemania theme colors is like his theme

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