Watch NBA The Mavericks and Thunder Engage in a Fantastic Finish on NYE | December 31, 2017

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Check out the fantastic finish between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder! Fantastic Finishes DOWN TO THE WIRE ACTION! Check out this …

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This NBA’s video is titled The Mavericks and Thunder Engage in a Fantastic Finish on NYE | December 31, 2017 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:02:05, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I don't know why people thought that adding Melo and PG13 would be good for the Thunder. As if they will finally be put back together. Westbrook is doing the same thing he did last year, and you know why? BECAUSE HIS TEAMMATES S U C K. Honestly, the only thing Melo and PG13 are doing is keeping Russ from another MVP. All this coming from me, a Warriors fan. Only difference is I'm not fucking brain dead.

  2. Look at all these fools saying the Thunder are trash LOL So what you lose to the Mavs? Shit, CLE can't beat anyone atm and Houson have lost 5 of their last 6 games LOL I guess they're trash too'? HAHA dudes on here need to get real. Every team loses games for god sake

  3. KD made the NBA great again. It's so hilarious watching 3 allstars lose to no allstars because it's exposing these allstars big egos. It kills westbrook that he would win A lot more games if he played like an actual point guard. The guy could average 15 assist but he'd rather ballhog and staypad than win. All that talent but doesn't know how to make his teammates better SMH. That's why CURRY is better and KD wanted to play with him.

  4. You can clearly see that westbrook doesn't even try on defense. All his energy goes into the offense but then just stands around on defense smh. No wonder they can't win any games

  5. For fuck sake OKC, get a real Offensive / Play by Play Coach or Assistant Coach, Your goddamn plays sucks. Let everyone touch the goddamn ball at every play .

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