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This NBA’s video is titled Al Horford All-Star Reserve | Best Highlights 2017-2018 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:05:11, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Clearly half the people in the comment section don't fully understand basketball. Yeah Horford is not the player who is gonna put up big stats but he plays really great team basketball and has a huge impact on the court. No stat is gonna show that. So for all you idiots who just look at stats on baskball reference all day, go watch a celtics game and then tell me he shouldn't be all star.

  2. Yall are dumb if you are saying drummond deserves more than horford and you really dont understand this game. Basketball aint all about statistics. Horford leads defense, of a #1 team.he is the playmaker of a #1 team. Second lead of offense. Shoots 3s,plays inside outside.he is the key for celtics, key for a #1 team and thats why he is an allstar and deserves it more than him, so stfu. I am tired of reading ignorant comments by people that doesnt really watch the games or just looking to top plays and statistics. Drummond deserves to be an allstar tho, but not over horford

  3. I'm only watching the All Star Game this year because of Horford. Anybody who thinks he shouldn't be an All Star knows absolutely nothing about winning basketball

  4. His position isn’t that populated with talent so you can’t say nothing really but I’ll choose Dame over this big ass nigga

  5. Humble and Discipline on of the best passer big man in the NBA league. Possible defensive player of the year.

  6. Drummond 14/15/4
    1st rebounding
    4th assist among in Bigs
    2nd steals among bigs
    1st Defensive Win Share
    1st Defensive Rate
    1st Defensive Box Plus Minus
    5th Value over Placement player
    6th Total Box Plus Minus
    11th Total Win Share
    9th Player efficiency Rating
    2nd in 15/15&20/20 games
    and so on…
    just look at TPA map and you will see

    so now how can you say Horford is better defender?
    wait has he even done 20/20 game in his career? lol

    Definitely Drummond is better than Horford (13/7/5)period

  7. Al Horford deserves to be in the All-Star Team.
    He can either defend a Center bigger than him or a Guard faster.
    Their game is complete, even if not specialized like other Centers.

    If your favorite Center is not on the All-Star maybe you should have voted more and complained less on YouTube comments.

  8. Al Horford is the reason why the celtics are in the conference finals right now without Kyrie or Gordan and hes coming up big in the playoffs. i dont see Andre Drummond doing the same. Pistons didnt even make the playoffs

  9. Ask yourself are you that bored you came to actually watch al Horford highlights? If you said yes go dust off the ps3 and play some BO1 zombies…you're better than this

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