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LeBron James has entered a realm that only 6 players in HISTORY have accomplished: surpassing 30000 career regular season points. To celebrate, we …

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  1. The Goat in my opinion because of what he does on and OFF the court he gives millions away for scholarships for schooling and JORDAN investing in prisons idc I know it has nothing to do with basketball but im rocking with LEBRON all day the ??

  2. Chapter 1(2003-2010): He was a phenomenon with unparalleled athleticism that glowed our eyes the likes we haven't seen since Jordan, and during these years he showed that he had potential to be a legend.

    Chapter 2 (2010-2018): In this chapter, we seen the most absolute best version of LeBron James, as he lead his teams to eight consecutive NBA finals appearances becoming a three time champion and there time finals MVP, through is came with a price as he was scrutinized beyond capacity more than any player maybe in sports history controversially, but in the end, this tenure cemented him as one of the great legends in the history of the sport, even those who had disdain for him.

    Chapter 3 ( 2019- he retires): This tenure will see a more relaxed LeBron who will just try to win a couple rings with AD and whoever else with LAL, and try to play with his son before he retires and waits for his trip to Springfield, Mass.

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