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On Wednesday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss Aaron Afflalo’s expensive haymaker, and the Celtics not interrupting Paul Pierce’s big night with a …

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  1. "Mitchell leads all rookies in scoring."
    "What else?" nice one Leigh. Said everything in those 2 words. Simmons is roy and it's not even close.

  2. You guys just talk about arbitrary all to much. It´s like a gossip channel here. Not much real basketball talk. Girls?

  3. Leigh was just being unreasonable, when IT turned off the first chance of his tribute, there was only 48 hours (maybe) to the game day. There was no way in hell for the Celtic to move the 34 jersey retirement ceremony to that! with the announcement in the summer, with all the players want to join, with all the press, with all the fans around the world might want to travel to celebrate the Truth's career? how naive was Leigh, how could he even thought that was possible? Leigh, please, you are the adult here.

  4. affalo career should be in jeopardy. he has intent to assault another person. still unlaw when taken out of sports context.

  5. Why isnt anybody talking about Austin "The Pussy" Rivers and why doesnt he get fined by the NBA… he had no buisness in the game, but he was talking big, causin all this problems, and then he hides like the little pussy he is… i think he should get 2 games too, but it wont matter, cause he is useless af and wont play anyways…

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