Watch NBA Devin Booker Sets 3-Point Contest ROUND RECORD with 20 Made Three's

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In Devin Booker’s 2nd round, he hits 20 three-pointers to set an all-time round record in the NBA 3-Point Contest! Check out his historical round here! Subscribe …

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This NBA’s video is titled Devin Booker Sets 3-Point Contest ROUND RECORD with 20 Made Three's and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:45, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. they only had one money ball per rack in the past. now they have one per a rack and a rack of money balls. so more points will be scored.

  2. Not impressed! Do it in your warm up jacket like Bird! Or maybe some equations in string theory instead of a ball in a hoop! ??

  3. That record shouldn't count. Since when is every ball on the last rack worth 2? Thought only the money ball the last ball on each rack was worth 2 and a perfect score was 30? Since when they all worth 2?

  4. Man I'd love them to have one vet insert with more time allotted just to see what reggie milller still has left. I'm not even a pacers fan but damn that man can drill em.

  5. Well Stephen Curry actually made 20 threes before in the 2015 3 point contest, so this suppose to be a tie in the 3 point contest record.

  6. bullshite NO RECORD – 25! according to all time rules, obviously lazy generation needs some help to get to the top … pathetic 😀

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