Watch NBA Larry Bird Wins 1988 3-Point Shootout in Warm-Up Jacket

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Relive the memorable performance from Larry Legend, who won at the 1988 3-Point Shooting Contest while wearing his Celtics warm-up jacket! Subscribe to …

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This NBA’s video is titled Larry Bird Wins 1988 3-Point Shootout in Warm-Up Jacket and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:07:05, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. You got to beat the Bird Celtics on Hall of Fame With Magic Johnson Lakers Twice! Restart the Game while holding down start to unlock “Warm-up Bird”. Undisputed brought me Here! Legendary…

  2. I started watching The NBA during the twilight of Birds playing days.Never did I witness his true apex abilities so thank god for these clips!One of the best ever to play.Probably the best shooter of all time.Have to mention Larry Legend when discussing the goat

  3. The guy was so clutch that he didn't start shooting really well until he'd put enough pressure on himself by messing up the first couple of racks!

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    Boston Celtics and ISU have never been the same team since Bird's departure.

  7. Jordan warms up for the dunk contest his rookie year in Nike Jordan signature warm-ups and he’s an arrogant show-off. Bird doesn’t take his warm up jacket off for the f’ing contest two years later and he’s a genius, the ultimate competitor, the best at psyching out his opponents.

  8. The fact that Jordan was nodding his head after that performance just shows how good of a shooter Larry was….

  9. Mike: "He didn't take off his top yet." Mike picked up on that immediately! Greatness paying tribute to greatness! Bird one of those dudes who dont run his mouth but you better not step to him. Come correct

  10. Dont give a shit larry 4 best 3pt competitor ever. On my rushmore… Frontcourt lineup in history rip d.j. the green as i smoke green 4 leaf clover

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