Watch NBA Ben Simmons Makes It Look EASY For His 11th Career Triple Double!

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The 76ers won their 9th consecutive game, defeating the Hawks 101-91 tonight in Atlanta. Ben Simmons (13 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists) recorded his 11th …

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This NBA’s video is titled Ben Simmons Makes It Look EASY For His 11th Career Triple Double! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:02:20, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. So the Hawks coincidentally had Towns one night and Simmons the next and took Ls both times after Simmons threw shade. They mad as shit

  2. Ben Simmons averages 16 pts, 8 rbs, 8 ast per game so these are not far from his usual numbers. If not for the ex-Hawks Ersan Ilyasova stepping up big for the Sixers with doubling his pts from his average of 10 ppg to 21 and rbs from averaging only 5 rpg to racking up '16' rbs they would have probably lost the game. I expected them to win by 20 but they only win by a 10 pt margin. It's still a win though. Sixers are now 1-0 in their last 8 without Embiid. By the way, the Sixers have the easiest remaining schedule in the whole NBA so it would be a total shame if they choke it up even if Embiid is out. So guys like Ilyasova must step up big so that Ben Simmons and the Sixers won't get exposed.

  3. Mitchell's pretty good but Simmons is just insane lmao I mean he already has more triple doubles than Melo has in his entire career

  4. Ben Simmons is such a better player than Donovan Mitchell. I kind of feel bad for Donovan. In ANY other year he would have ran away with ROTY.

  5. Nice game Simmo, but lets be real here…wont be pulling that kind of shit off against GSW or Toronto now will we..!

  6. I will always remember when lakers fans keep saying when ben got injured last season that brandon bustgram is better than him ?.

  7. i really dont get the whole mitchell and simmons race to the ROTY award… its not really a competition between the two ( i blame the media for hyping up mitchell lol ) .. donovan is good.. but ben is on another level lol .. he got this award in the bag

  8. if you watched the game you would have seen so many other amazing passes that they didn’t show here because they didn’t turn into assists

  9. Id like to see Lebron and Kyle Korver or any great shooter join Phili. admittedly i dont have huge basketball knowledge but something in my head just thinks that with embid and simmons setting screens for reddick and korver then rolling to the basket, lebron at the top of the key making plays would be so hard to stop. If the shooters get free then great, if not embid and simmons rolling to the basket would be hard for anyone to stop and even then if nothings happening there, set a screen for lebron and pick and roll or stand back and he has a 1v1.

  10. Simmons proving he ‘can’ execute jump shots when he wants to for all those people that say he can’t shoot!

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