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Ahead of the Rockets Saturday night matchup with the Celtics, enjoy the top 13 crossovers of James Harden’s career! Subscribe to the NBA: …

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  1. Think about it for a second. You are a superstar in the NBA. You make millions of dollars every year. You can't make the finals but that's okay, there are a lot of superstars who never made the finals in the history… And yet, the highlight of your career, the best move you've every made is a not single but a double traveling.

  2. Damn harden, westbrook, kd, steven adams, they literally had a superteam built entirely through the draft, just a few more years together and they wouldve won a finals no question

  3. Can't believe the "Somebody get Kent Bazemore a map" wasn't on here lol that shit was legendary, and I guess now we also have the one where he almost destroyed Pat Bev's Ankles

  4. The Beard can ball, BUT he’s allowed to get away with traveling, double-dribbling, palming the ball, the hop step back, the Euro step, pushing off, etc etc. Jordan got away with more than his share of crap back in his day, but his whole game wasn’t centered around traveling. Jordan was a much better defender than Harden. Jordan was much more athletic. He was a better leader on the court.

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