Watch NBA James Harden's BEST PLAY from Every Game | Houston Rockets 2017-2018

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James Harden has performed at a top tier level this season, averaging 31.3 points, 8.9 assists, and 5.2 rebounds while leading the Houston Rockets to a 48-13 …

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This NBA’s video is titled James Harden's BEST PLAY from Every Game | Houston Rockets 2017-2018 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:13:14, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. 2:59 my goodness is right. The commentator is not exaggerating. Genius by harden, capela, ariza. The choreography of this play was actually executed perfectly. Ariza on the inbound guarded by lance. Harden, with dipo guarding him from behind sneaks behind the unknowing lance to set a pick for ariza. Ariza, who inbounds to a capela that’s posting up turner, then screens using harden’s pick on lance. Ariza flashes crosscourt away from the play, forcing lance to fight through harden’s sneaky pick just to chase him. While chasing ariza, lance is slightly slowed by his own teammate (dipo) but fights through to catch ariza. Capela has the ball. Harden, who had a step on dipo because of the lance pick that interrupted him, flashes to the corner of key. Capela quickly passes to harden and notices dipo is barely behind harden catching up to him so he sets a firm pick on the chasing oladipo. Oladipo struggles fighting through the pick to get to harden. Harden has open space for an easy three (which he would definitely make). Turner quickly realizes that harden is in a dangerous area for pull up so he steps up, thinking that dipo was stopped by capela’s pick. But this was not the case because oladipo beat capela’s pick a half second later running; still insistent on chasing a harden who was now being guarded by turner. He should have actually switched and stayed on capela now. Harden strategically places himself between turner (who’s guarding him) and oladipo who’s still chasing him. In that second capela realizes he’s free with no one guarding him; he was sandwiched between dipo and turner who both had eyes on harden. He slips through like silk cutting clear to the basket wide open with no one in sight. And in that same second harden realizes this with his instinct and immediately delivers a saucy between the legs bounce pass of dreams right between turner and dipo right to capela’s who was in no mans land. Fooled both dipo and turner completely. Threw it down. Bucket. Tremendous basketball and play writing. Plays like this are so satisfying?.

  2. Bruh it’s frustrating watching this dude “cross up” people half the time he just pushes them off of him and “embarrassed them”????

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