Watch NBA Most THREES In A Single Season! 23,821 And Counting!

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Check out the best 3-pointers of the year as a new league record was set last night. 23821 and counting… Previous record was 23748, in 2016-17! Subscribe to …

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This NBA’s video is titled Most THREES In A Single Season! 23,821 And Counting! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:13:40, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Three Pointers Wouldn't Be That Famous If It Weren't For Steph Curry . And No One Would've Been Pulling Up 28+ Feet From Deep Three If It Weren't For Our Greatest Shooter Of All Time , The Baby Face Assasin , Chef Curry , Or Just Steph . The Modern Day Reggie Miller , Ray Allen , Peja Stojakovic , And Especially His Dad …

  2. The fact is rewarding an extra point for a relatively easy jumper is hurting the game. The crazy number of attempts is hurting the game, look at the series between the Cavs and Celtics. The obvious to me solution is to keep the line and rename it a bonus shot and instead reward an extra half point. An even better name would be Duece and a Half or M35 after the Army 2 1/2 ton truck. This would be fair from a competitive standpoint as a half point is all that should be rewarded for a shot that isn't very difficult even for the average pedestrian who shoots a couple of times per week. Big men can be big men and get the minutes they deserve, penetration moves will end with a creative interior pass instead of just a kickout to some stiff with a limited skill set of being able to shoot from distance. The mid-range jumper will no longer be considered a lost art. Low post creativeness will skyrocket. And the elite shooters that can still hit a high enough percentage of the bonus shots to make it worthwhile will get their due. Decimal points are OK in sports.

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