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On Tuesday’s episode of The Starters, the guys check the polls in regards to the NBA title favorite, MVP runner-up, and the West Conf. team you’d least like to …

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  1. Kemba's tired of missing the playoffs, but this season, a lot of it was on him. His ball distribution is trash. Dwight should've averaged over 20 a game with the season he's had, but he doesn't get the ball in the past enough.

    Batum is the real issue though… He's killing us…

  2. Kemba Walker should go to the knicks and could all of you guys subscribe to my youtbue channel I make NBA videos and give me some feedback. That would be awesome!!!

  3. One of the perks of late night is they get to cover events that just happened in a game, like Wade's block on LeBron. That caught me off guard at first lol

  4. you can't be born because you weren't born yet, and you can't lose your virginity because you haven't already lost it before you had it so you will always be an unborn virgin

  5. Can you guys work on your crossfire questions please. The questions you put up for debate are such close-ended questions like which injury is worse, Curry's or Kyrie's. Make the question a bit more open-ended so there is some possibility to have a good quick debate.

  6. Whats going on in Charlotte? With Howard and Kemba they have to Player who plays at an Allstar Level but still can´t reach the 8th spot in the "weak" east? Whats happening there this season?

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