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On Monday’s episode of The Starters, the guys preview and predict two series: Raptors-Cavs and Celtics-Sixers. They also discuss how the Jazz can bounce …

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  1. It's not a rational conclusion, but I think Cavs will win in 7 again. It's not that I believe Lebron is better than a whole team (frankly he most likely will not be able to play on this level the whole series, he is obviously tired), I just can't trust the raptors, everytime they find a way to disappoint, everytime.

  2. Well for me if am coach lue i have to put kevin love on godmode with lebron supporting him with passess and points that means i have to put love to go for threes with korver and the others are going to attack and protec the rim

  3. They dropped two games to the wizards and people think they are going to beat Lebron… just stop they are going home like every other year and like the last two games they matched up after the trades

  4. The Cleveland Cavaliers will end the W to Toronto Raptors, because I'm sick and tired of same team to reach every year playoffs performance and f*ck the Golden State Warriors will L to the New Orleans Pelicans.

  5. They way you analyze games is really strange. You talk about believe and bench players 😀 Im sorry but Indiana Defense is 10x better than the Raptors. So this becomes who has better offense and Cavs do.

  6. these guys were wrong about pelicans & blazers. they will be wrong about celtics&76ers. Celtics are up 1-0 already , good mooooorrnniiinng sweeet world!!!!

  7. interesting to watch it AFTER game one of Sixers vs Celtics.
    The Celtics did play fast whenever they could, Ben was just not willing to take any shot more then 3 feet away from the rim. The shooters had an awful offnight AND Rozier III was ON FIRE!

  8. The Raptors are a better team and they SHOULD win this game, but I'm still picking the Cavs in 6.

    Even though these Cavs are the weakest team he's had in like 10 years, LeBron just always seems to have the Raptors' number.

  9. So they're only argument for picking the Raptors was because of the Pacers series basically but you can't do that cuz each series is different because it's all about matchups it don't matter about the record can you match up with this team is the question and the Raptors can't match up with the Cavs

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