Watch NBA Russell Westbrook's Best Play From Every Game of the 2017-2018 NBA Season | AVERAGED A TRIPLE DOUBLE

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Check out Russell Westbrook’s best play from every game this season where he became the only player in NBA History to average a triple double in multiple …

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This NBA’s video is titled Russell Westbrook's Best Play From Every Game of the 2017-2018 NBA Season | AVERAGED A TRIPLE DOUBLE and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:22:37, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. List after Westbrook and other pgs of this era retire

    1. Magic Johnson
    2. John Stockton
    3. Steve Nash
    4. Jerry West
    5. Jason Kidd
    6. Isiah Thomas
    7. Oscar Robertson
    8. Steph Curry
    9. Chris Paul
    10. Kyrie Irving
    11. Russell Westbrook

  2. Simple as this ppl hate Russ bcuz they think OKC should have won multiple rings or at the very least 1 when they had stars with him and everyone either leaves or gets traded a d now that hes the last one they think it has to be his fault, yes he goes after rebounds to average a trip dub and his teamm as tes just let him have rebounds sometimes to start the fastbreak and eliminate any mistake on that fastbreak, last season Melo was trash but now we actually have made really good under the radar moves, we finally have another PG eho can consistently handle the ball off the bench, the thunder have never had that other than Reggie Jackson but Schroder is better/more consistent we're easily gonna get to at the least the 2nd round and might even get to the finals.

  3. Westbrook is my favorite point guard right now. He is pure disrespectful in the paint and i love it and admire that.

  4. Averaged triple double and still cant win MVP. thats how stacked NBA is right now. Too many great players. 5-6 players challenging for MVP every season

  5. Do people really watch this video just to hate on him in the comments. Russ is the most overHATED player not overrated

  6. I’d s**t my shorts if I’m on the opposite side of the court and I see Westbrook running with the ball for transition?

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