Watch NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | April 17, 2018

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night around the NBA, featuring Jaylen Brown, Anthony Davis, and Damian Lillard Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Top 10 Plays of the Night | April 17, 2018 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:02:54, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Lmao since y'all were roasting him the NBA must have told him to calm down, he is not is usual self anymore

  2. Now that he have change im sad i loved to hate on him plz bring us back the top teeeeeeen to wiiin skrrrt skrrrt throw it up throw it up and shit lmao

  3. No cringe? This gotta be a fake cringementator, and look at that like/dislike ratio. Has he finally dropped the cringe?
    To be continued…..

  4. Man so many crybabies complaining about the commentator STFU just enjoy the highlights like a man… this generation has the mindset of petty children

  5. Half of these commentors used to play nba street and hear MC smoove or whatever his name was and now complainin ?

  6. Nothing against this commentator but could you guys just upload these without any extra commentary? Just let us hear the regular broadcast.

  7. Cringeclown b on BPT*
    one-step-forward-one-step-backn all nite
    compelled cock-in-a-mirror choreography pantomiming 'personality'
    cringin away on-from-on-from the mic
    pointlessly, pretentiously, parroting conceited counterfit O.G. originality
    twerkin up the nerve 2 Tourettespew his same old worn out tired cringecliches,
    inflicting/infecting average-afflicted affectations in viscously invidious surreality
    pongin his parietals chasing cranial creativity in his empty egoic echo cage…..

    *Butthurt Peeplz Time


  8. Just imagine being a commentator and youre trying your best to stay positive but theyre calling you cringementator

  9. No goatmentator, but cringmentator stop cringing. Did he abduct gotamentator and force him to write script?

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