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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 223: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 02:07:53, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Is it just my Eyes , or is it True that at Exactly 23:48 , 36:06 in this video , Dana's face and Left Hand are real and normal in color tone and also their color tones do match up like it's all from 1 person…….what's up with the Color Tone of his Right Hand ?????……it Looks Like It Belongs To Casper , the Friendly—Ghost !!!!!!!!!

  2. This gay sport. They threw a few punches and they were already gassed and of course they had to grapple like pussies and take it to the ground. This is just a glorified boxing. No wonder less black athletes even waste their time going that route when there is more money in boxing. Also no wonder why no one really counts these MMA white crap as respected sports like that to the point where you get paid 100s of millions of even 10s of millions per fight like they do in boxing. Just look at how sloppy and gay it is to watch? dropping each other on the floor like they're looking for each others booty hole, just gay.
    Why not square up like men, what's with the resting your entire weight on someone the whole night and you call that a fight? yeah! I know he won the white boy regardless but, how about give us interesting fights?
    If I've spent my entire life in the mountains wrestling goats and cows to feed the village, of course wrestling a lightweight human being will be a piece of cake. Jokes lol!
    That said, I am for Khabib. I would rather a muslim dominates his weight class as he is than a cocky delusional entitled whiteboy. facts!

  3. "I told you guys, I'm gonna make him humble" after seing connor against cowboy and how respectful he was in the press conferences leading up to the fight , shit, khabib really did make him humble.

  4. Anyone else miss the press conferences where they would show the face of the person asking the question? I wouldn't know about Helwani's big nose if it wasn't for those pressers. Also, anyone remember the press conferences where they would have multiple fighters on the stage from different weight divisions? That was fun because it gave people from different weights a chance to trash talk and possibly build up a fight with someone at a different weight. Conor and Cowboy for example, they "trash talked" each other then years later they fought and that clip of them talking to each other was shown over and over during fight week. I know trash talking isn't required or even necessary in MMA. MMA is about respect and self-discipline. But damn I miss the trash talk. It added an extra layer of intensity and interest and made fight week even more fun, Instead of just watching the weigh-ins and the fight, you could watch the press conferences and be almost as entertained. Now the usually just feature the 2 fighters in the main event, sometimes they have the co-main fighters up their too but not often.

  5. If only UFC judges weren't so corrupt, then Khabibs fake record wouldn't exist. Gleison Tibau fucked him up in their fight, stuffed EVERY takedown Khabib tried, then HE took KHABIB down lmfao nearly every honest fight fan agrees that they took that victory from Gleison. I saw an article recently where Gleison said after the fight that him and Khabib talked on the phone and were making jokes about how he beat him and khabib knew it, he just got lucky. Apparently Khabib just laughed about it according to Gleison. No arguing, denying, nothing. Because Khabob knew it was true.

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