Watch NBA Kareem Abdul Jabbar DOMINATES In the Playoffs! | Best Buckets From The NBA Vault!

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In honor of LeBron James passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar on the all time playoffs field goals made list, we take a look at some of Cap’s best scoring plays from the …

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This NBA’s video is titled Kareem Abdul Jabbar DOMINATES In the Playoffs! | Best Buckets From The NBA Vault! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:13, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Idk big man today don't do baby hook. Shots..? I do them. At park along with pump fake can't stop me

  2. It's astonishing that, kareem the all time leading scorer, holding the most mvps and six rings like jordan is not talked about in the same breath in the GOAT debate.

  3. basketball was a complete joke in that era. defense is non existent. wilt and kareem are non factors in todays game

  4. That early footage is cool but I'll take my Kareem bald with goggles and a whole lot of slow-mo sky hook.

  5. Kareem is my oldest basketball memory, even before Nikos Galis, so a massive thank you to him and the NBA

  6. What a beast.. giving wilt the stilt the works too. How has nobody adopted this shot since????

  7. As we get closer to the end of the video, where Kareem was bald, you can see the evolution of defence and basketball in general

  8. The most automatic, unstoppable, and overall greatest to ever play the game. He's my favorite and is 100% the GOAT in my book.

    My GOAT tier list includes: Kareem, MJ, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain (Untouchable gods of the game). Every GOAT conversation should begin and end with these four. This is just my opinion. All four can undoubtedly hold the title of greatest ever. When it comes down to picking one, I will always say Kareem because he is my favorite , which is what it should come down to. The question should be who is YOUR GOAT, not who is the GOAT. There isn't just one

    If you're for some reason wondering where I have LeBron in my list. He's in tier 2. Magic is borderline tier 1 and i have him first in line in tier 2. LeBron is knocking on Magic's door for me and may move into his spot and possibly tier 1 by the time he retires. He's for sure the best of this generation/ the 2010s. He's just too well rounded compared to all the other "do everything" type of players in the league right now

  9. All LeBron Suckers assess start bleeding, the thing about Kareem is, he was very humble and great person also!

  10. Now he has to complain about the history books are you serious they were written by white people we deserve some credit in our history for God's sake. I don't care if people didn't have any rights you guys have rights now and you have history books you have black history month and everything that you need what more do you need?? Do you need to be paid for being a slave your ancestors come on get real world you. I can't stand that man.

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