Watch NBA LeBron James' Best Plays | 2018 NBA Playoffs | Eastern Conference Semifinals

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Check out the best plays of LeBron James from the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs! Subscribe to the NBA: For news, stories …

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This NBA’s video is titled LeBron James' Best Plays | 2018 NBA Playoffs | Eastern Conference Semifinals and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:05:05, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. I am that generation who just can't see anyone else being the GOAT other than MJ, but I can also see how the future fans see this playoff as the moment Lebron surpass MJ, his 15th season is way way better, god like even, and Lebron will break all kinds of records in the next couple of years, 10 or 15 years from now "Lebron, no debate" might happen

  2. LeBron James is doing what we never seen before. He is submitting his legacy of dominance & proving he is the real goat. He has surpassed Kobe & Jordan years ago. He now has more game winners in the playoffs than both & has a better jumper shot. He is a more complete player and would own both of them in a 1 on 1. Jordan would have 0 rings if LeBron played in the 90s. Kobe carried by Shaq and Gasol. LeBron doesnt need all star team to win. LEGOAT.

  3. as a raptor fan i gotta say, we be running into the MJ of our era like coach voegel had said

  4. Michael Jordan's Best Plays | 1987 NBA Playoffs | Second Round

    Oh wait.. he didn't make it to 2nd round ?

  5. If you hate this man you hate the game….stop hating because he changed the game by doing what no one will ever do again

  6. raps fans, at the end of the day at least we dont have to live in shitty cleveland ohio

  7. He's in rare form rn. His rythm and pace is unbelievable. Complete control over the game. U know he's going left & u can't stop it. Can't wait to see him dominate Boston

  8. Someone should make a compilation of jonas valanciunas reaction to lebrons fadeaways and game winner

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