Watch NBA LeBron James & Kevin Love Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 2

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LeBron James and Kevin Love speak with the media following a 107 – 94 Game 2 loss to the Boston Celtics. Subscribe to the NBA: For news, …

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This NBA’s video is titled LeBron James & Kevin Love Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 2 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:08:28, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. LeBron can’t win a game by himself cmon Cavs get y’all shit together and help out the king he’s doing it by himself and breaking all kinds of records still he needs help

  2. Switch Lue with Larry Drew and you will see the big fucking difference. This series comes down to the coaching stand point and how you utilize your players. Lue is oblivious to that.

  3. I love lebron, but god is he full of himself (as he should be) he’s acting like there’s nothing to worry about, yes you’re going home for 2 games that you’ll most likely win, but it’s a chance it’ll be a nail biter and a chance the Celtics will pull away and win one of the two, but you’re coming back to Boston for game 5 and 6 if needed. Atleast act a little worried. #Cusrise #GoCeltics

  4. Oh, this is pure bullshit! Everyone knows that BFF PEDS, James, is the biggest baby in the NBA! He went back to the locker room just to create another scene to bring the spotlight on himself! He thrives with that as everybody knows!

  5. Take out the first quarter. Lebron didn’t have a good game. Consistency is key. I’d rather have 10 every quarter than 50 or even 60 in the first and none later on. Lebron killed them in the first and was trash(relatively) the rest. Lebron could had 10 less points and 3 less assists and rebounds. They woulda had a chance if Lebron had that statline spaced out over the 4 quarters. Definitely woulda won with his statline if it was spaced out. Lebron had help. Love did great. Tristan did slightly worse than expected but not trash. Korver did fine. Other than smith nobody really choked. The Celtics outplayed them, for the reason I’ve been saying the whole time. I didn’t believe the Celtics could stop Lebron. But I didn’t believe the cavs could handle the depth of the Celtics. Defense wins championships and the cavs have none. Lebron no longer tries on defense. He’s trying to save himself for later years and that’s hurting his legacy now. Lebron has given up to be honest. He may not know it. But he has. I don’t see him having an amazing game for games 3-4. He’ll have one good game and one average game. Celtics in 6, maybe even 5. The Celtics have an edge mentally. Defensively. Chemistry. Depth. The cavs have Lebron. As great as he is, it’s not enough.

  6. Why is it that when the Cavs are winning everyone says their a well oiled machine and coached superbly yet when their losing it's the exact opposite with the narrative "He's carrying the team." Can't we just say the Celtics are just the better team and a bad matchup rather than play the violin and say "Oh poor Lebron, he's all alone sniff sniff". It's really getting old with him being portrayed as a victim in a competition when opposing teams are there to take you down when you're the top dog.

  7. Aint shit, cavs know what they need to do… Recalibrate!…defense was off communication w/switches..not playing like they want it!!……..

  8. They just need to play with a purpose , right now they playing like everything is gonna be given to them. Celtics are not that good they just work harder. yeah the cavs don't have the talent they used to but they playing lazy . with all that said . Cavs in 6 .

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