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On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys preview and predict the Eastern Conference Finals between the Celtics and Cavs, NBA champion Rip Hamilton …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: May 10 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:23:09, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Leigh giving 15364345 arguments for the Celtics to win it
    Tas: "Yeah, but LeBron is great"
    Leigh giving 1253476456 more arguments for the Celtics to win it
    Trey: "Yeah, but LeBron is great"

  2. guess season is great but only tas asking him i kinda feel awkward , i know you guys have limited time but how about let other 3 ask him to , it could be better i think

  3. Brad Stevens is an amazing coach, but people are talking like he is a star playing on the court… there is only so much you can do in the end.

  4. That LeBron feeding the Raptors was great, it's the same sort of animation from the NBA JAM game that you can get on the Playstation! lol

  5. Men, I'm happy i see you again RIP HAMILTON!. I used to saw you in TV when i was a kid and i didn't know your name, i just remember the mask and the headband.

  6. I'll be so happy if this goes 7 games. I'll be in Boston around game 7 so I might get to go to it!

  7. Everybody who read The Book of Basketball, 'What If' is a concept materialized by Bill Simmons. He deserves a royalty.

  8. Love Leigh betting on the Celtics. This series might be an all-time classic and I totally agree: If Celtics can win game 1 we got an interesting series, if they win their first two home games they should be slight favorites. And a game 7 between those two with the HUGE home court advantage of Boston but LeBron at the other end – could be epic. Trust in Stevens, trust in LeBron. Assuming everyone stays healthy Cavs in 6, if Celtics win game 1 we see 7 games but I can't pick a favorite to win game 7.
    The one chance that this doesn't go 6 or 7 – apart from injuries – is Celtics struggling on offense in my opinion.

  9. everyone one of you jokers predicted philly over the celtics some said in 6 what do you as_wipes say now you idiots couldn"t predict a thing your a bunch of rookies that should be working a McDonalds flipping burgers idiots…you holes make me sick, go away somewere please go

  10. Celtic took philly to school, only thing there good for is whinning…and you idiots look like shit too…

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