Watch NBA Top 10 Plays From The Cavaliers and Warriors NBA Finals Trilogy!

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Check out the best and most iconic plays from the 3 previous matchups between the Cavs and Warriors in the NBA Finals! Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Top 10 Plays From The Cavaliers and Warriors NBA Finals Trilogy! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:02:10, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. To be honest, I thought Irving should've won Finals Mvp in 2016. Agreed? If not, I understand your opinion but I just think Irving deserved it more since he made clutch shots and stepped his game up in order to help James (Who played just as well).

  2. I'm not a Cavs or celtics fan but I miss seeing lebron and kyrie together, hopefully next year we'll have a lebron vs kyrie and KD vs Westbrook showdown.

  3. bastards from Oakland needs reffs to win fucking game! Sissy like curry you worth LeBron piss fuckhead! How reffs was so eager to eject Thompson for virtually nothing originally and when fuckhead green hits LeBron in head how many times already where that fuck ejection than! Fucking corrupted reffs piece of shit! Cavs if you to listen me! Land and that sissy curry and thompson and smash them and they are run for championship will be over!

  4. Klay Thompson is so conceited. "The rest of the NBA has to get better" "It's not our fault"

    Yeah because injuries don't happen on other teams. The reason why they're in the Finals is because Chris Paul got injured in Game 5. Rockets were up 3-2 after that game. No way they would be there if he wasn't injured.

  5. the refs have the game one sided all the calls going to GS call the game fair James is getting beat up, love too starting to think the NBA is fixed

  6. Me: Let's go warriors!
    Every Cavs fans: Bandwagon! Warriors choked 3-1 lead!
    Me: Ya'll niggas didn't even knew the cavs in 2015?
    P.S 3-1 jokes are overused as hell and also Curry,Thompson,Green,etc finals record?

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