Watch NBA Top 2 Draft Picks Duel – #1 Deandre Ayton vs #2 Marvin Bagley III | 2018 MGM Resorts Summer League

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Check out the full highlights from the Sacramento Kings vs The Phoenix Suns in the 2018 MGM Resorts Las Vegas summer league featuring the number 1 pick …

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This NBA’s video is titled Top 2 Draft Picks Duel – #1 Deandre Ayton vs #2 Marvin Bagley III | 2018 MGM Resorts Summer League and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:21, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Bagley will be the better player. Ayton has ZERO offensive skillset. dude has no idea how to create his own shot in the paint. He reminds me of Ryan Hollins

  2. For a guy that is buff and 7’0 he plays too soft. No aggression here he should be dominating these guys. He can’t post up or set up a proper screen and roll to the basket. He has a lot of work to do. Bagley on the other hand is forreal dude can score with the best of them

  3. Ayton’s movement & footwork look sloppy he doesn’t look cut enough & his defense is terrible honestly but that man josh Jackson athleticism reminds me of 06-07 d wade

  4. This is the Josh Jackson I'm looking forward to see during the season. Not too impressed by Ayton so far but let's give him time and he obviously needs a real point guard to find him. If Suns can draft one next year then their strategy might pay off. Wish Harry Giles stays healthy, really curious what he can do when the competition gets better

  5. If I coached this dude and he set screens like that he wouldnt play, you need good screens in the league to get guys open, it looks like he's looking more for his points than the team in general

  6. Bahamas in this bitch ???its official folks as his game elevates he is going to be one of the elites the nba has ever seen ….stay aggressive stay hungry keep winning

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