Watch NBA Trae Young Drops 7 Threes In The 2018 MGM Resorts Summer League

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This NBA’s video is titled Trae Young Drops 7 Threes In The 2018 MGM Resorts Summer League and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:37, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Missed his 6 2 point attempts and shot 7/19 (37%) from the field. Not trying to discount his great three point shooting but he made no 2s lol and still didn't shoot well fg wise. I want to see if he is able to get buckets within the 3 point line and whether if this was a korkzmac one game wonder shadeal (he was God awful the two games after his 40 point performance shooting wise).

  2. As a hawks fan I never doubted the decision to trade doncic. We needed a shooting guard, cuz bazemore is a great bench player but i definitely think that we are going to trade Dennis because he even said he wanted out and we might be able to get a good player and trae looks pretty good I knew he would just have to get used to the nba after a few days so I think we’re good.

    As long as the warriors are bad in a few years

  3. Imagine if Westbrook never was that selfish and individual in his prime and watch now, he is just obsessed with his numbers and with him self and it’s completely incapable to make a competitive team no matter how many superstars he has with him, how’s this guy gonna end up? Lol these players are cancer for their teams

  4. There was a stretch in college when he was at Oklahoma where he missed 28 straight three pointers.. next steph Curry? Really? And over those 28 missed threes, he had 15 turnovers. Remember when this mf scored 48 points? He took 39 fucking shots. All he did at Oklahoma was hoist up horrible shots, and that’s why Oklahoma lost 11 of their last 15 games and got beat first round of the tournament. Look up all these stats, Trae Young is ass and will b in the G-League in no time

  5. I wish this dude all the best , but pro-athelete speaking this is a G League best . No hate at all but skill level wise and judgement has to be more developed before he can lead the hawk's team . Also he gotta hit that weight room up ASAP !!!

  6. He shot about 38% this game. He isn’t a efficient scorer. Also he had 4 turnovers. I’m not trying to hate on the guy but I don’t think he will be on the same level as curry and players like that. I see him as a decent starting point guard

  7. Yeah they're dropping but his technique is pretty bad. No elevation on his jump, off balance half the time…..that shit wont fly in the big leagues. He will shoot 30% or under first year from 3.

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