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Check out the best plays from Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks in his 2018 NBA Summer League debut Subscribe to the NBA: For news, …

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This NBA’s video is titled Trae Young: NBA Summer League Highlights: July 2, 2018 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:34, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. ?4/20 Blaze it! Dude kept shooting 3's like ''Im the new Steph Curry''.You're not (yet? we'll see).. If you're having a bad game just pass the ball.
    Fun fact:
    Trae went 4/20, he's not bust.
    Doncic hasn't played yet, he's already a confirmed bust.
    You shouldn't judge players in advance. MURICAN MENTALITY! 🙂

  2. One summer league game and people already callin bust damn

    Lonzo still ain’t a bust it was only his first season

  3. He be fine adjusting to the game speed and starting to play good players every game… he mite be a defensive of liability but he will do fine offensively he shoot good and bad days.

  4. He's got Guts shooting 4-20..he didn't cower and stop shooting.. He's not afraid. I take it as a good sign.

  5. Trae Young doesn't have the same release that Curry or Klay has. Sorry, this guy has a very long way to go.

  6. Personally excited to watch him. I don't expect him to be the next Stephen Curry or a great shooter (yet) but I feel like he's going to slowly improve and bring something unique to the table in the future despite his rough games. And the best part is that the Atlanta Hawks are not loaded and are not a playoff level team so he can work on his game slowly with no pressure from his teammates (apart from the hype around his shooting).

  7. To me, trae isn't ready for the NBA. He's too under developed compared to an average NBA rookie or player in general. Should've taken at least 2 years of college to grow more.

  8. They need to trade him he had a bad game don't give him no time to develop just give up on him now-Lonzo haters logic

  9. He's going to have a fun career, put up some good numbers and have his share of low-key highlights. Sort of a combination of a lesser Steph Curry and a smaller version of Devin Booker. His size will limit his impact a bit but he'll play through it. Don't see him being a superstar but playing in the East he might make a few All-Star teams and be a player in free agency down the road.

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