Watch WWE Stephanie McMahon announces WWE Evolution: Raw, July 23, 2018

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WWE’s first all-women pay-per-view event will take place on Sunday, Oct. 28, streaming live on WWE Network. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: …

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This WWE’s video is titled Stephanie McMahon announces WWE Evolution: Raw, July 23, 2018 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:04:28, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Triple H is not king, he will bow to the King of Kings Jesus Christ!!! Repent for Christ Jesus is Coming soon!!!!

  2. Wwe needs its own womens one hour show. With its own womens sized ring. Wwe ring built for men not smaller women. They cant hit ropes properly and reason for botched battle royals. Lower ropes make it easier for women to go over ropes. Also itd help with better matches and storylines. One to two matches on raw or smackdown wont do any good even for likes of flair or lynch..practice makes perfect.

  3. Why are y’all hating on the women so much in these comments?! No wonder they don’t want to have Evolution II. Y’all some sad people man??

  4. I love how after the announcement sasha got pulled in every direction and was just smiling the whole time.

    Seems like everyone wanted sasha?

  5. An “all women” pay-per-view would have been interesting with women like Lita, Trish stratus, Mickie James etc. All these divas are trash

  6. Phisichally women and men are different, equality is a matter of respect for each other. Having a all women event Is like having a all women football Champions League, where finally women can show that they can play the sport and do It well.

  7. It is funny how I have watched this moment time and time again and this is the moment that have decided to actually try and become a wwe wrestler yeah Ik it is staged and written but it is a good network and company and I like the feeling of rush and adrenaline

    And it is funny how it is called evolution because there is a evolution of women in sports now

  8. Vince might have screwed Brett Hartman but since he didn’t keep it quite every other wrestler after him has been very cautious working with Vince . So Vince screwed himself over out millions that future wrestlers won’t allowed him
    To F over

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