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As we celebrate Manu Ginobili’s 16 memorable seasons in the NBA, take a look at the best 20 plays from his career! Subscribe to the NBA: …

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  1. Manu was beast, complete player, great skill and technic, shoot, passing, IQ, very fast , light on his feet and explosive, practically he was like white Michael Jordan.
    Definitely one of the most amazing players in last 20,30 years , wherever he played he played great in national team of Argentina, in NBA (San Antonio Spurs), in Europe (Kinder Bologna ) and he adjusted on every style of game easily honestly i think he can still play (maybe not on the level like 5 or 10 years ago but he could have a certain minutes and give certain contribution) but probably he got tired from basketball and rather would do something else , also he got lucky that he gone to great NBA team at Greg Popovic who recognized his talent and knew hos to use his skill best and gave him a space and freedom in the game and that he did not end up at some dumb and uneducated coach who would keep him on bench or push him to be spot-up shooter (like some other great players who came from Europe and could also make a great NBA careers like Sarunas Jasikevicius, Igor Rakocevic, Milos Teodosic Sergio Rodriguez , etc who had that misfortune)

  2. Whoever said Manu Ginobili was not athletic was either a hater or just your stupid? And didn't know what they're talking about why don't you know we was incredibly athletic like a cat as agile and smooth and perky jerky you remind me of a human cat this this boy with a bad boy he was a beast that's why he was my all-time favorite player plus he was mentally tough and a leader

  3. He dunks on '7 6" Yao Ming, blocks K.D.'s shot, takes it in hard against Shaq and gets and 1. Oh yeah he's also got a gold medal he won against the U.S.A. feat.(Duncan, L.B.J. Melo, Wade, Iverson, Marbury, Marion, Odom)and 4 rings with the San Antonio Spurs and this cat still isn't worthy of the(H.O.F.)? Manu is in Larry Birds class and I'd say he's even better because he won a gold against a stacked U.S. squad in '04 and even though they were young so was Manu but he always played big when the moment was at its biggest stage!!!

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