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On his 90th Birthday, we take a look at some rare footage of great passing from the NBA’s first passing wizard, Bob Cousy! Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled RARE Bob Cousy Passing Highlights! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:01:34, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. He just carelessly chucks it without looking and it always goes right to his teammates hands this dude had insane peripheral vision and hand eye coordination

  2. Still entertaining to this day… who the hell cares about athleticism?
    Basketball is a game, not the fucking olympic athletics

  3. My question is: Did his teammates know any of them could suddenly have a ball in his hands? That's some together team ..

  4. As you see give and go and pick and roll existed back then.

    Lakers were doing that even before Bob Cousy.

  5. Congratulations for receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump. Such a great basketball player. I watched Bill and you play when I was just a kid.

  6. People are laughing at the guy who falls over at 0:33, but it wasn't that bad of a play on his part. Obviously he got crossed and fell over, which is embarrassing, but he was playing Cousy to go back, which he faked like he was going to, and was going to where he thought the ball would be to make a steal and couldn't recover and get back. He was also playing in Converse All-Stars, which aren't the best shoes for quick movement and were probably part of the reason.

  7. Cousy was a breakthrough player. Comparing him to today's players misses the point. It's a bit like saying some company rep who rents an hour from the Hubble telescope is a greater astronomer than Galileo. The rep knows things Galileo never knew. But that's because he's accessing a base of knowledge in which Galileo plays a huge role. The rep contributes nothing in comparison to the advances Galileo introduced.

    Cousy is Galileo.

  8. Wow. His passing and ball handling skills were off the charts. Way ahead of his time, reminds me of a mix between Steve Nash and Steph Curry in terms of how he handles the ball

  9. Cousy played against Chamberlain. Chamberlain played against Jabbar. Jabbar played against Jordan. Jordan played against Kobe. Kobe played against Lebron. My point is, Cousy would've been great in the modern era.

  10. This is where magic gets it from. Bob cousy just moved up to my top 10. Hes nice. Bob "pretty boy" cousy

  11. And he had to keep his hand on top of the basketball or he got called for a turnover! Imagine what kind of crossovers he could do with the modern rules.

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