Watch UFC UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor Press Conference Highlights

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Watch the highlights from the UFC 229 Press Conference, featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor from Radio City Music Hall. Subscribe to get …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor Press Conference Highlights and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:03, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. He didnt believe he could win when they asked what round he would knock him out he said as long as it takes

  2. I could listen to Habib's broken english forever BUT not Conor's annoying, hysterical voice for more than 2 secs !!

  3. Mamma namma ma ma..!!! Haha ..those words will haunt little conor forever more hahaa …thank god khabib allowed conor to live ….after all conors rascism and trash talk he needs to hide his face in shame after begging for hus life haha….god bless khabib for allowing conor to live

  4. Connor: Shoot ya maut ya fookin adiot

    Khabib: Send me location I smesh yoo in to peeses yoo cheeken

    Idk why but its so fun trying to imitate the way they talk

  5. Connor kill himself Because his overconfidence. Every time he know he is the best but now time is changed khabib show the UFC who is the best and who is can fight against all UFC fighters with undefeated.. let's go let's go with your chicken

  6. Connor is all cocky and talking shit but when the fight comes all he does is jab and kick he tapped out in this match and got knocked out from Floyd Mayweather

  7. i knew habib only one year ago …he has a lot of different qualities …
    you see him :
    1 humple in his village
    2 obedient to his father ,mother and couch
    3 humanitarian for the rest
    4 polite in his team
    5 respectable with opponents
    and :

    6 bear in training
    7 owl in press conferense or interview
    8 lion in the kage…
    now : after that : can any one deny those qualities ..???
    so i think it is common sense to like him and respect him as a man and also as a fighter ..
    what about you ???
    i am hitham from syria

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