Lebron James Anticipated the Struggles with Lakers

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The Lakers are struggling and have now lost 3 games in a row without any win to show for. The last time Lebron James was in this situation was more than 10 years ago while he was with Cleveland Cavaliers.
It is hard to see an accomplished and champion player who is at the tail end of his career transferring to a young and losing squad. Instead of fighting for another championship he opted to travel back in time and start a long process of rebuilding a team.
Lebron is downplaying in his interview that he anticipated this scenario when he signed with the team
“It’s not tough,” James said after the loss to the Spurs. “I know what I got myself into. It’s a process. I get it. And it will be fine. … I didn’t come here thinking we were going to be blazing storms right out of the gate. It’s a process, and I understand that.”
I don’t think he expected it, he got Rondo in there and managed to build a team to his liking. But now he is having a good understanding of what it takes to play in the west, a much tougher conference that the East.

Lebron believes they will get better:

“We’re going to continue to get better,” James said. “We’re going to continue to get better. I like the direction we’re going in. Obviously, it’s not resulting in the wins right now, but it’s such a long process.”

How much better is Lakers going to be? Enough to make it to the playoffs? Or just better than the 0-3 standing.


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