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Lionel Messi Leaving FC Barcelona after 21 years

in La Liga

Everything was going fine the past few weeks when FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi seemed to have reached a verbal agreement of an extension. However the size of the contract became and obstacle especially with the debt FC Barcelona has accumulated due to its expensive players in the past followed by lockdowns due to pandemic.

Messi will be greatly missed as he has been with the club since he was 13 years old and played professional with the Catalan club for 16 straight seasons. I am sure Messi feels the same way.

In a statement by FC Barcelona:

Despite FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi having reached an agreement and the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, this cannot happen because of financial and structural obstacles (Spanish Liga regulations).

FC Barcelona

60 Minute Soccer Speed & Agility Workout: Easy – Medium

in Fitness/Sports Training

This is our 60 minute workout recommendation to improve soccer speed and agility. In this set of exercises you need 20 soccer cones, a soccer ball and an agility ladder.

Everything can be done outdoor while some can be done indoor, you would need good amount of space to maximize explosive movements in some of the exercises.

In summary:

ExerciseComplexityTime (min)EquipmentLocation
#1Easy10 min5 conesIndoor/Outdoor
#2Easy-Medium40 minSoccer Ball, 20 conesOutdoor
#3Easy-Medium10 minAgility LadderIndoor/Outdoor
TOTAL60 min

Agility & Quickness For Soccer Athletes – this training doesn’t require any cones but you can if you want to. This is a simple agility and quickness exercise that you can do at home or anywhere. It is a quick 3 minute video you can learn from. The training is divided into three phases and improves a lot of lateral speed, quickness and balance. We suggest you spend 4 minutes for each phase and 1 minute rest in between.

  • Complexity – Easy
  • Time Required10 minutes, 3 minutes each phase and 30 second rest in between.
  • Equipment Required – Soccer Ball, 5 cones
  • Location – Indoor/Outdoor
Agility & Quickness For Soccer Athletes (3 min and 37 sec)

8 Exercises to Improve Speed, Agility & Power – this exercises requires around 25 cones across different setups and is divided into 8 different variations. What I like about this is the detailed explanation per exercise including the correct form you need to be aware during execution.

  • Complexity – Easy-Intermediate.
  • Time Required40 minutes, each exercise will be repeated 4x each. Allot 5 minutes for each exercise, this includes 12-15 second execution and 45 second rest in between repetitions.
  • Equipment Required – Soccer Ball, 20-25 cones
  • Location – Outdoor
8 Exercises to Improve Speed, Agility & Power (5 min and 54 sec)

Improve Speed, Quickness and Agility | 15 Speed Ladder Drills – this one involves an agility ladder and a good way to finish your speed and agility training. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and have a 10 second rest.

  • Complexity – Easy-Intermediate.
  • Time Required10 minutes, each exercise will be repeated done once. Allot 20 seconds for each exercise and 10 second rest.
  • Equipment Required – Agility Ladder
  • Location – Outdoor/Indoor
Improve Speed, Quickness and Agility | 15 Speed Ladder Drills (5 min and 1 second)

There you have a good 60 minute workout to improve your speed and agility in soccer. Do this 2-3x a week and you will see a lot of improvement as you become faster and probably fastest on the field you can switch the intensity or can do this workout once week and focus on other areas.

Coupon Code – $30 OFF – FC Barcelona US Elite Soccer Camps

in Sports Coupons

One of the greatest teams in the World FC Barcelona is having Elite Soccer Camps throughout the US. As their camp slogan goes —


FC Barcelona has a unique style of play that makes it different from the rest of the teams in the world. Learn how players like Messi, Xavi, or Iniesta did and play the Barça way. We use words like leadership, discipline, respect, teamwork, effort and enthusiasm. These values inspire a following.

Register your kids to the amazing camp, below is a coupon code that could give you $30 OFF for the camp.

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Congratulations Lebron James 4th Finals MVP

in NBA

It was a very long road from the time Lebron James joined a lottery Lakers team who failed to make it to the playoffs since Kobe Bryant retired to winning a Championship for the Lakers.

The job is done and Lebron James won his 4th Finals MVP.

Lebron James finished the Finals 2020 series with averages of 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists.

Through wins or losses Lebron had been consistent throughout the series including scoring 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists in Game 5. The last game of the series Lebron scored 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists in Game 6.

Lebron James 4th Finals MVP Award

Congratulations Lebron James for winning your 4th Finals MVP.

Reactions to Steve Nash as Head Coaching of Brooklyn Nets

in NBA

Lots of people are losing their Heads on the appointment of Steve Nash as the head coach for the Brooklyn Nets.

Let us get real here I agree on this statement at some level, experience really means a lot, but can anybody get the experience if no one gives them a start? In this case Brooklyn Nets is that kind of company or organization that people would be grateful for giving them the opportunity.

Stephen A starts off by giving compliments but then brings up White Privilege!

Stephen A goes ahead that Steve Nash having no coaching experience is an outlier and he will be exceptional. However that was the compliment that didn’t last long, he goes on and brings up “White Privilege”. He builds a case that there are more competent coaches like Mark Jackson.

Go ahead and watch the video and make your own conclusion.

Shannon and Skip opposing views on Steve Nash

Shannon is for Steve Nash, he doesn’t believe that a coach should be a master of X and O’s of basketball but believe that a basketball coach is more of facilitator, team manager that will be able to manage different players. In this viewpoint he believes in Steve Nash.

Skip likes Tyron Lue and believe he is ready to coach the Nets, however, given the success of Steve Kerr being a first time coach winning the NBA championship in the first year, he is fine with this appointment.

Hearing it from Sean Marks who Signed on Steve Nash

Now let us hear directly from Sean Marks why he signed Steve Nash as the head coach for the Brooklyn Nets.

According to him the main reason he signed Steve Nash is because of he “trust” and the “long relationship” he has had with him since his Phoenix Suns days. He goes on by saying that he has seen first hand the trust he has had with the coaching staff and the players is impressive and not something he have seen before.

Jay Williams asked Sean Marks to comment on Stephen A. comments that this is a white privilege hiring.

Sean Marks respectfully says the we are in sensitive times and understand where Stephen A is coming from but made it clear his decision was made by finding the “best person” and “best fit” for this moment of time, and that is Steve Nash.

Moving on to other comments, some Lakers fans remember the worst of Steve Nash, in this commentary by Bernard and Jose, Steve Nash was non-existent with the team and as I can remember he had a lot of conflict with the coaching staff to the point that he would not answer his calls and become unavailable to be reached. This seems to be immature of Steve and shows lack of leadership, so we do not know if he can go into these kinds of cycle when the going gets tough.

The comment above from Scorpio Girl over twitter clearly shows his disgust over Stephen A while approving of Steve Nash appointment.

How about you, do you like Steve Nash as the next head coach for the Brooklyn Net and do you think he will be successful in this role?

Watch NBA 2020 PLAYOFFS Nuggets @ Clippers 2nd Round Game 1

in NBA/Videos

If you missed watching Round 2 Game 1 of the Nuggets @ Clippers Game these are the videos for you.

The Denver was destroyed in this game with the Clippers building and maintaining a lead, we can attribute this to the fatigue the Nugget faces against the Jazz and the Clipper are well rested.

We will however see this if this is true in Game 2.

Full NBA 2020 PLAYOFFS Nuggets @ Clippers 2nd Round Game 1 Video Highlights
If you are a fan of Kawhie Leonard, enjoy this highlight of his game scoring 29 points against the Nuggets.

Watch NBA 2020 PLAYOFFS Heat @ Bucks 2nd Round Game 1

in NBA

The Miami Heat are on a roll and have stunned the Bucks in the NBA 2020 Playoffs 2nd Round Game 1 on a score of 115-104

If you missed the game of just want to relive the game, below are the highlights.

NBA 2020 PLAYOFFS Heat @ Bucks 2nd Round Game 1 Full Highlights
If you are a fan of Jimmy Butler go watch this recap of his Game 1 Brilliance

NBA Boycott to protest Jacob Blake shooting, NBA politically calls it Postponed Games on Bucks, Magic, OKC, Rockets, Blazers and Lakers

in NBA

If you were sitting on your couch yesterday ready to enjoy the three scheduled playoff games you were probably surprised to learn that all the games were postponed.

That is exactly what happened when players got together and decided to have a stronger voice in the racial injustice. What is termed by the NBA as postponed on their new release in actuality is a boycott of the players. Well probably the NBA got ahead of the situation and instead of having a striked-out day, they would rather declare postponed.

The Bucks first taking the lead by walking out, the news quickly spread and different teams postponed their games as well.

Here’s the list of all games postponed as a sign of protest:

NBA: Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks (Game 5 — first round)
NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets (Game 5 — first round)
NBA: Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Game 5 — first round)
WNBA: Washington Mystics vs. Atlanta Dream
WNBA: Los Angeles Sparks vs. Minnesota Lynx
WNBA: Connecticut Sun vs. Phoenix Mercury
MLB: Cincinnati Reds vs. Milwaukee Brewers
MLB: Seattle Mariners vs. San Diego Padres
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants
MLS: Atlanta United vs. Inter Miami
MLS: FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids
MLS: Real Salt Lake vs. Los Angeles FC
MLS: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Portland Timbers
MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders

It is unclear how long this will continue across different sports but one thing is clear they want to be heard.

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