60 Minute Soccer Speed & Agility Workout: Easy – Medium

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This is our 60 minute workout recommendation to improve soccer speed and agility. In this set of exercises you need 20 soccer cones, a soccer ball and an agility ladder.

Everything can be done outdoor while some can be done indoor, you would need good amount of space to maximize explosive movements in some of the exercises.

In summary:

ExerciseComplexityTime (min)EquipmentLocation
#1Easy10 min5 conesIndoor/Outdoor
#2Easy-Medium40 minSoccer Ball, 20 conesOutdoor
#3Easy-Medium10 minAgility LadderIndoor/Outdoor
TOTAL60 min

Agility & Quickness For Soccer Athletes – this training doesn’t require any cones but you can if you want to. This is a simple agility and quickness exercise that you can do at home or anywhere. It is a quick 3 minute video you can learn from. The training is divided into three phases and improves a lot of lateral speed, quickness and balance. We suggest you spend 4 minutes for each phase and 1 minute rest in between.

  • Complexity – Easy
  • Time Required10 minutes, 3 minutes each phase and 30 second rest in between.
  • Equipment Required – Soccer Ball, 5 cones
  • Location – Indoor/Outdoor
Agility & Quickness For Soccer Athletes (3 min and 37 sec)

8 Exercises to Improve Speed, Agility & Power – this exercises requires around 25 cones across different setups and is divided into 8 different variations. What I like about this is the detailed explanation per exercise including the correct form you need to be aware during execution.

  • Complexity – Easy-Intermediate.
  • Time Required40 minutes, each exercise will be repeated 4x each. Allot 5 minutes for each exercise, this includes 12-15 second execution and 45 second rest in between repetitions.
  • Equipment Required – Soccer Ball, 20-25 cones
  • Location – Outdoor
8 Exercises to Improve Speed, Agility & Power (5 min and 54 sec)

Improve Speed, Quickness and Agility | 15 Speed Ladder Drills – this one involves an agility ladder and a good way to finish your speed and agility training. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and have a 10 second rest.

  • Complexity – Easy-Intermediate.
  • Time Required10 minutes, each exercise will be repeated done once. Allot 20 seconds for each exercise and 10 second rest.
  • Equipment Required – Agility Ladder
  • Location – Outdoor/Indoor
Improve Speed, Quickness and Agility | 15 Speed Ladder Drills (5 min and 1 second)

There you have a good 60 minute workout to improve your speed and agility in soccer. Do this 2-3x a week and you will see a lot of improvement as you become faster and probably fastest on the field you can switch the intensity or can do this workout once week and focus on other areas.

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