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USA women’s team is in great standing right now in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. They are now in semis and one of the team’s best player is forward Alex Morgan.

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Alex Morgan known as the youngest soccer player and a great athlete. Part of her greatness for sure is how she disciplined herself around food. Years before, she don’t restrict her diet that much and she is not picky at all. If you want to eat like her, here are some foods that she eat.

Breakfast: yogurt, fruits, granola, smoothie, and some agave

Lunch: salad, sandwich, fruits, chicken or lean meat, or some smoothie

Smoothie: berries, bananas, spinach, yogurt, granola, agave or honey, water or apple juice, with some chia seed or hemp seed

Snack: fruits, nuts, yogurt

Diet is only part of her success as an athlete, more so with her discipline, hard work and passion with the sport.

Year 2019, according to some magazine and Twitter posts, Alex Morgan is very vocal on being a vegan.

Vegan diet are consists of NO dairy, NO eggs or any animal by product kind of foods. Such as vegetables, nuts, meat substitutes like tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, eggplant, lentils, cauliflower and many more.

There is a saying you are what you eat. If you eat like Alex Morgan doesn’t mean you will be a great soccer player like her but surely you will get the best chance of eating healthy.

It is important to eat according to your lifestyle, fitness goals and to eat healthy smart.

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