FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

Awards and New Records in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

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USA Women’s National Team holds the golden trophy for their back to back championship in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 in France today July 7th. The nation celebrates with them!

See the list of awards and new records set this FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.

FWWC Awards:

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Megan Rapinoe 15 (USA) – Golden Boot and Golden Ball awardee.

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Alex Morgan 13 (USA) – Silver Boot awardee.

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Ellen White 18 (ENG) – Bronze Boot awardee.

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Lucy Bronze 2 (ENG) – Silver Ball awardee.

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Rose Lavelle 16 (USA) – Bronze Ball awardee.

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Sari Van Veenendaal 1 (NED) – Golden Glove awardee

New List of Records for FWWC:

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– This is the fourth World Cup title for the USA (1991, 1999, 2015, 2019).

– USA set a new record for the most scored goals in FWWC with 26 goals.

– Jill Ellis USA head coach is the first coach to won two FWWC title.

– Megan Rapinoe as the oldest player to score in the finals of FWWC.

Congratulations to USA and to all awardees!

Back to back Championship for USA in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

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It is a golden play for USA as they take home the victory in France FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.

The match was very tight and hard for both teams to score goal. First half of the game was scoreless.

Players played head to head created several injuries for them.

The team had excellent job and played the ball right defeating Netherlands.

Rapinoe 15, leading the team scored the first goal around 60 minutes of the game due to some penalty from the Dutch.

They have 52+% of possession most of the time.

Lavelle 16, perfectly scored the 2nd goal for the the US team.

Rapinoe as the Golden Boot awardee was substituted by Press and Morgan to take over the lead.

Crystal Dunn is awesome defending the ball.

Back to back championships for the USA nation.

Congratulations to USA!!!

Netherlands 2nd Place in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

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The game is over for Netherlands, who comes short and lost the World Cup finals against the reigning champion USA.

Netherlands fought their best and everyone played the ball with the best of their ability.

They’ve showed promising counter attacks making it hard for the US team to score goal.

However, due to some carelessly kicking the ball, penalty kick happened which made Rapinoe scored first goal.

With no score in the game, Netherlands lost against the US team.

Dutch crowd cries and sad for the outcome.

Sweden finish 3rd in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

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Sweden finished strong this morning placing 3rd in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.

With 2 excellent goals against England who only goal 1 and suffered back to back defeat on this finals, Sweden won the match.

England comes short in today’s match and missed a lot of opportunity, but the team did their very best. You can see their determination to win specially on the last minutes of the game where they tried so hard to attack the ball in the goal.

However, Sweden did better. Their defenders did amazing job on this match.

Multiple emotions flooded the arena as the 3rd place showdown concluded.

Sweden women’s team celebrates today wearing their bronze medals alongside with their fans and whole country.

Congratulations to SWEDEN!

Who will take home the Victory: USA vs Netherlands?!

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It’s on! This coming Sunday July 7th, USA vs Netherlands will play for the FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019.

These two teams will face off for the finals.

From the elite members of US Team like Morgan, Rapinoe, Dunn to Netherlands Team best like Martens, Miedema and Veenendaal to name a few of the greatest women to ever played soccer on this generation.

Based from statistics; USA has more top athletes who scored goals, while Netherlands has the best assist.

Despite’s athletes injuries and controversies both have trained, strategized and played their best game plans from the series of play offs to reach the finals.

Respected countries, citizens and fans of both teams are excited to witness the World Cup which will be held in France.

Which team are you rooting for?

What team will win the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019?

This coming Sunday we will find out.

Best of luck to both USA and Netherlands!!

The Cardio Routine of Crystal Dunn Top USA Soccer Defender

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USA Women’s National Soccer team forward/defender Crystal Dunn 19, is doing a fantastic job in World Cup 2019. She is very known with her speed, stamina, balance and great footwork.

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With all the matches that the US team had been to this World Cup, Dunn has been playing 90 minutes plus extra time each game. Imagine her cardio from running, sprinting and playing the ball.

To gain that level of cardio or at least close to it, you have to love running like she does.

Try these routines;

Walk – Run – Sprint – Repeat for several times

These interval workout is perfect for beginners.

Cardio will help your exercise routines works better and build your leg muscles.

Definitely Crystal Dunn cardio paid off, especially now that they are in the finals of the FIFA Women Worlds Cup 2019.

Goodluck Dunn on your first World Cup!

Controversial USA Women’s Soccer team Co-Captain Rapinoe

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Co-captain Megan Rapinoe 15 is one of the most valued player for the US Women’s soccer team. Now that they are so close on winning the World Cup 2019, she is expected to perform more.

Apparently Rapinoe has been very controversial in social media and forums. From her pink hair, to her viral goal pose, up to her comments and actions about politics and patriotism.

The star player involves on a feud with the President Trump about a certain comment, and it continues when other people close to her responded to these viral commentaries.

What will happen now? Is she really NOT going to the White House? Let’s see!

Rapinoe is just speaking for her true self.

Nonetheless, she is playing her best for the country.

Last semis against England, she was on the sideline due to some injury. But according to some news, she will be playing and ready for the finals.

Rapinoe is definitely someone to watch out for this World Cup.

Nutrition and Vegan Diet of Alex Morgan

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USA women’s team is in great standing right now in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. They are now in semis and one of the team’s best player is forward Alex Morgan.

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Alex Morgan known as the youngest soccer player and a great athlete. Part of her greatness for sure is how she disciplined herself around food. Years before, she don’t restrict her diet that much and she is not picky at all. If you want to eat like her, here are some foods that she eat.

Breakfast: yogurt, fruits, granola, smoothie, and some agave

Lunch: salad, sandwich, fruits, chicken or lean meat, or some smoothie

Smoothie: berries, bananas, spinach, yogurt, granola, agave or honey, water or apple juice, with some chia seed or hemp seed

Snack: fruits, nuts, yogurt

Diet is only part of her success as an athlete, more so with her discipline, hard work and passion with the sport.

Year 2019, according to some magazine and Twitter posts, Alex Morgan is very vocal on being a vegan.

Vegan diet are consists of NO dairy, NO eggs or any animal by product kind of foods. Such as vegetables, nuts, meat substitutes like tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, eggplant, lentils, cauliflower and many more.

There is a saying you are what you eat. If you eat like Alex Morgan doesn’t mean you will be a great soccer player like her but surely you will get the best chance of eating healthy.

It is important to eat according to your lifestyle, fitness goals and to eat healthy smart.

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